Divorce, alimony, property division, custody, visitation, or child support modification/establishment matters are never easy, and  can create adversarial relationships that have far-reaching effects on everyone in the family. When dealing with domestic relations issues sometimes it’s best to think outside the box. And with professional divorce mediation services from All Seasons Counseling Mediation & Family Consulting, LLC, your family may be able to avoid costly and emotional court proceedings and develop a fair, practical arrangement for your family’s transition, all within a cooperative, non-adversarial environment.

At All Seasons Counseling Mediation & Family Consulting, LLC in Greenville, SC, Pickens, SC and Columbia, SC, we aim to bring both sides to agreement through proven collaborative law mediation techniques. As divorce mediators, our goal is to help you and your spouse work through even the most complex domestic relations issues and arrive at mutually agreeable conclusions.  Our skilled, compassionate, and highly trained mediators act as impartial facilitators. Through effective communication and problem-solving methods, we enable you to review your options together and generate creative solutions that work best for your family. We are regularly appointed to court cases throughout SC, can meet with you in a mutually agreeable place anywhere within SC to make the process as comfortable for you.

What happens before, during, and after mediation?

Our office will send each party a mediation intake form to be completed and returned prior to mediation. Any supporting information can be submitted to our office along with each parties’ intake form.

On the day of the mediation both parties will meet with the mediator, will be advised of standard mediation guidelines and topics to be mediated. If the parties need to be separate our office can accommodate this request. If an agreement has been reached, our office will draft a detailed document (if requested). Some parties engage in mediation upon initially separating to serve as a temporary agreement and return upon the conclusion of their separation period, prior to their divorce date for a final agreement, which can be ratified into a court order. (Other family court matters may only need a single mediation session:  child support, custody, visitation matters, etc.)  If the mediator determines that the mediation is unproductive, the parties will be notified and the mediation will be concluded or if the parties are not able to arrive to an agreement in the allotted time, the mediator will determine if another mediation session would be beneficial for the parties. A mediation report will be submitted to the appropriate county court, as appropriate.

What qualifies someone to be a certified family court mediator?
A licensed attorney, psychologist, master social worker, independent social worker, professional counselor who has a minimum of three years of experience in his or her profession and has taken a 40 hour mediation training course approved by the SC Bar Association may be certified as a family court mediator. Felicia Reid LPC completed this required training, has been certified by the SC Bar since 2014, and has engaged in providing mediation services to assist people arrive to amicable solutions.

Associated Costs
Our costs are comparable for the area and reduced fees are charged for those with acceptable documentation about their financial circumstances.