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What is family therapy?

Family therapy is counseling between two or more family members to address issues within the family system. This varies and may be both parents and a child or their children, an individual parent and a child or their children, or may be combined with step parents or extended family members.

What are signs that family therapy may be needed?

  • reunification therapy, as ordered by court to restore parental balance for children
  • not understanding the perspective of others within the family unit
  • feeling misunderstood by family members
  • cyclical poor interactions with family members
  • adjustment to major changes to the family unit, to include divorce
  • poor academic achievement in children
  • parental differences
  • feelings of withdrawing for an individual with in the family or entire family unit
  • death of a family member
  • sibling rivalry
  • issues of abuse or neglect
  • substance abuse or legal issues among family members

How can family therapy be helpful?

Family therapy can help clarify the issues going on within the family unit with the assistance of a therapist.  In this situation, Family Systems Theory is applied by the therapist to examine the family dynamics and offer the clients an opportunity to gain a new insight regarding their family matters.  The goal is for clients to identify their role in the family dynamics, understand the perspective of their family members, and to learn new ways of communicating with each other.

We also have experience as being appointed by courts for mandated therapy and have a membership with Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

What can be expected during family therapy sessions?

Clients can expect to freely discuss the circumstances that resulted in them coming in to therapy in the presence of a counselor to provide support and minimize conflict.  Additionally, each party will be allowed to participate in the process to make sure that their position is understood.  The therapist’s goal for family therapy sessions is to make them solution focused, identifying negative patterns and challenging family members to strive towards positive interactions with each other in the future.

Our philosophy about family at All Seasons Counseling Mediation & Family Consulting, LLC 

It is our belief that the role of family has an indelible mark on every individual.  It is a matter of how each person processes their experiences with their family, understanding that they are not a direct reflection of their family, rather a blended product based upon family origin, friends, life experiences, and personal interests/aspirations.  If you find that your family could benefit from family therapy don’t hesitate to contact us to assist you in finding more balance in your family unit.