LPC  and LMFT Supervision:
Supervision services are offered by Felicia Reid LPC, LPCS Candidate, Pre-Clinical Fellows AAMFT Supervisor Candidate. She has completed relevant post graduate studies, trains graduate students through their practicum placement, trains LPC-As, LMFT-As and is actively under supervision by an LPCS and LMFTS.

Supervision can consist of Individual (no more than two interns), Group (3 or more interns).

Please visit SC Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation’s website to find out applicable information pertaining to the process of obtaining the status of LPC Intern (LPC-A), then LPC.

*It is important that employers understand the nature of your
license and that clinical supervision is a requirement for you to maintain your status*


Self-pay rates are available for individual or group sessions if you are already working in the field and simply need a supervisor. Please call for additional information.

What I am looking for in an LPC Intern (LPC-A)  or LMFT-A

  • A strong ethical and moral foundation based upon serving others in a compassionate and empathetic manner.
  • An LPC Associate/LMFT Associate with a curious and teachable spirit that will enable them to experience clinical situations from various perspectives.
  • An LPC Associate/LMFT Associate who accepts feedback and responsibility related to growing as a competent LPC/ LMFT in the future, and is willing to ask questions about various new theories and techniques that will be of service to future clientele
  • An LPC Associate/ LMFT Associate who is dedicated to the counseling profession by challenging themselves to confront issues in a way that will benefit the client.

*A current policy of liability is required in order to enter into a supervisory relationship.