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What is pre-marital counseling?

Pre-marital counseling is counseling done prior to wedding nuptials between two individuals.

Why should pre-marital counseling be done?

It should be done for couples to review their relationship in relation to the major areas that have been identified as being reasons for divorce as found in psychological and statistical research.  Pre-marital counseling should be considered as an investment in you and your soon to be spouse’s marriage.

Is there a particular time frame that pre-marital counseling should be done before marriage?

Although there is no specific time frame, it is better to start counseling at least 6 months prior to getting married to address any concerns or potential concerns that could later cause complications in the future marriage.  When pre-marital counseling is done too close to the wedding date issues may be revealed that once were not considered in addition to the added stress of wedding preparation.

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage therapy is done after a couple has been married.

Reasons for marriage counseling

  • communication issues
  • parenting issues
  • caregiver issues
  • lack of emotional or physical intimacy
  • emotional affairs or infidelity
  • family members (in laws)
  • career
  • finances
  • substance abuse or mental health issues
  • death of family member
  • religion

What are the benefits of marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling can benefit a couple by allowing each spouse a forum to express their position openly, being supported by a therapist.  Additionally, each spouse can learn how to empathize, process from their spouse’s perspective, learn new ways to communicate, and/or modify their behavior.

Our philosophy on pre-marital counseling and marriage counseling at All Seasons Counseling & Mediation Services

It is our belief that marriage should be respected as an institution and upheld to the highest standard.  However, fiances and spouses are expected to be open and receptive to the therapeutic process. The process is only as good as the commitment of the participants and strategies implemented by the therapist.  We understand that each couple has their own particular goals for their marriage and therapy is always structured around the needs of the involved clients at All Seasons Counseling Mediation & Family Consulting, LLC.

We also now offer a psychological evaluation for couples that may be used as a tool to determine strengths and areas of improvement for their relationship or marriage. Please ask about this evaluation tool.

If you feel like you and your fiance or spouse may benefit from pre-marital or marriage therapy please contact our office for additional information.