Group Counseling

Counseling groups give you the opportunity to share experiences, learn new perspectives, and experiment with new behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. The group setting helps you discover that others truly understand your feelings and challenges.

Counseling groups are led by one or more professional mental health counseling providers, who demonstrate techniques such as active listening and how to give and receive constructive feedback, so everyone gets the most out of the experience. They typically are comprised of 4 or more group members.

Rates for groups will be a nominal fee per session to make services accessible within the community. Also, most insurance companies offer group therapy as a benefit; we can bill on your behalf.

How Do I Join a Group?

Call at (864) 474-5990 or email to express interest and so that we may identify your particular needs in a group.

Group Schedules

Groups typically meet one to two hours weekly, and may run from 4 to 12 weeks or are ongoing. Groups will be developed based upon community needs and will address issues concerning relationships, depression, anxiety, career goals, parenting, grief, divorce, and weight loss, among many other topics. We are looking to start groups offered on Saturdays.

What types of groups do we offer?

  • Process Groups are for those who will benefit from sharing experiences, giving and receiving support/feedback, and experimenting with new interpersonal behaviors in a safe environment.
  • Support/Theme Groups are for those who would like to give and receive support with others who are dealing with similar issues/common experiences.
  • Psychoeducational Groups are for those who want the opportunity to be educated, to increase knowledge of resources, and to build coping skills in certain areas of their lives.
  • Wellness Groups are for those who would like to learn skills to enhance wellness.

Groups by All Seasons: Women’s Post Divorce Care Group and Survivors of Affairs Group

If you are in need of support, life direction, renewed focus, and self-empowerment, following an extramarital affair, separation or divorce, either of these groups may be beneficial for you. These are support/theme groups and are geared towards women between the ages of 24 – 58 years old and will have an open format. Sessions will meet every other week from at either or both the Greenville and Columbia office. Each week will feature a different topic about post divorce care from a woman’s perspective.

The cost is $25 for each session. If you and a friend come together the rate is $20 per session. Also, most insurance companies offer group therapy as a benefit; we can bill on your behalf.

**Groups are held based upon need and commitment to attendance.  If you are interested in this group please call our office to register and be added to the list of participants.

Groups by All Seasons (Future groups being developed)

Groups by All Seasons are also being developed for the Greenville and Columbia offices to include the follow topics:

parenting support, self-esteem, and anger management. Group offering are based upon community need, so please let us know if there is a group that you feel may be beneficial to you and others in the community.

Please call us at (864)474-5990 for details about our group offerings.

We are starting with the women’s post divorce care group and survivors of affairs group due to the overwhelming need of women needing to feel connected, understood, and empowered after a divorce/separation or extramarital affair.
We are strong advocates for the preservation of marriage and family.
However, if a marriage ends in divorce, we believe in providing assistance in helping people, especially women, become self-sufficient and self-empowered, so that they may lead healthy and productive lives.